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Welcome to the Netherlands Gift Box

Welcome to the Netherlands Gift Box

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Do you have friends or family coming to live in the Netherlands? Or are you new and want to treat yourself to a little introduction to Dutch culture? Here is a fun gift box stuffed with Dutch favorites and a great book.

Gift Box Includes:

1 Book- Tulipomania : The story of the world’s most coveted flower and the extraordinary passion it aroused. Known as the first speculative bubble, the tulip mania of the 1630’s offers an interesting insight into the history and culture of the Netherlands. OR In The City of Bikes :Pete Jordan, author of Dishwasher, tells the story of his love affair with Amsterdam, the city of bikes, all the while unfolding an unknown history of the city's cycling, from the craze of the 1890s, through the Nazi occupation, to the bike-centric culture adored by the world today.

NOTE- Please specify which book you would like:Tulipomania or In The City of Bikes

8 Delicious stroopwafels (syrup waffles that are great if you let them warm up over a cup a tea for a minute.)

1 Delft blue designed tea towel

1 Wooden Dutch Shoe Keychain

Mixed Snack bag of Licorice. The one pictured is a mix of sweet and salty but you can put in the notes if you prefer only one kind.

Free shipping within the Netherlands!

Got questions or want to change the book? Just ask! We can custom make gift boxes to suit your needs.


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