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The Guiltiest Secrets by Shelan Rodger

The Guiltiest Secrets by Shelan Rodger

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When Chala loses her beloved stepfather, it opens the floodgates to a lifetime of secrets. Since childhood, Chala has battled with the guilt she feels for a tragedy that changed the entire course of her life. Now, she is forced to re-evaluate everything she believed about those she loved.

On a soul-searching trip to Kenya, Chala learns that some things are harder to bear than the burden she carries. In order to be free, she must return to the past, to the yellow room, and risk finding that the worst things she believes about herself are true. A compelling and emotional drama exploring the power of secrets. *Previously published as Yellow Room* Praise for Shelan Rodger ‘Carefully plotted... unexpected plot twists and revelations are expertly time and delivered.’ -Goodreads

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